Simple Synthesis of Sulfonyl Amidine-Containing Glucosidase Inhibitors by a Chemoselective Coupling Reaction Between D-Gluconothiolactam and Sulfonyl Azides

Muhammad Aswad, Junya Chiba, Takenori Tomohiro, Yasumaru Hatanaka

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Structural Modification of Cellulosic Fabric via Esterification Using Jatropha curcas Seed Oil

F. I. Omizegba, K. A. Bello, J. O. Abayeh, H. M. Adamu, D. E. A. Boryo, S. A. Osemeahon

Page: 1-13
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Effects of CaCO3 and Kaolin Filler Loadings on Some Mechanical Properties of Poly Urethane Foams

M. B. Dalen, S. D. Mador

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Crystal Structure and Thermal Properties of Racemic SrC4H4O6•4H2O Single Crystals

T. Fukami, S. Hiyajyo, S. Tahara, C. Yasuda

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Photocatalytic Degradation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Using Bi2O3 Modified TiO2 Photocatalyst

Nusaiba Islam, Sharmin Jahan Proma, Ashiqur Rahman, Ashok Kumar Chakraborty

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